How do I place an order?

How do I order a custom piece?

How do I check the current status of my order?

Stock items ship within 7 business days and custom orders typically have a 6-8 week lead time. To check on the status of your order, please contact or call 323-227-9207.

How do I order samples?

Order our sample packet and experience our materials in the comfort of your home. At Luxe Light and Home we want to help you create the perfect ambiance for your home.

Browse our elegant selection of blown glass and metals and find the perfect customizable option.

You may also visit one of our showroom locations to see sample finishes and a catalog of our complete Luxe Light and Home brand. Please see website for showroom locations.


What is your return policy?

Unfortunately we are unable to accept returns on any custom product and cancellations are now allowed once the order is in production.

To check the status of your order, please contact or call 323-227-9207.

Authorized returns for first quality merchandise or any refused shipments are subject to a 25% restocking fee as well as all freight charges.

Can you customize the height of a fixture?

We certainly can! Visit Custom [link to custom] to start designing your own custom Luxe fixture.

Do you offer a trade discount?
We do! Our Trade Accounts receive [XXXX list benefits here.]

Please visit our Trade Account [link to page] page to apply.

How do I install your lighting?


How do I care for my fixture?

See below for instructions on how to care for the various components of your custom Luxe fixture:

Never use cleaners with alcohols or solvents. Only used fine cotton or extra soft cloths. We recommend that tarnished metals be professionally cleaned.

Cast bronze pieces are treated with a patina that gives each piece its distinctive color. Although bronze is extremely hard and lasts for centuries, the patina is the most delicate element. Its long-term beauty depends upon proper placement and care.

Clean by using a dry or slightly dampened cloth or a vacuum brush. If soiled, use a light soap with luke-warm water. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Dry with a clean cloth to avoid water spots.

Clean polished metal or polished stainless with a damp cloth. Do not use commercial or heavy duty polishes or waxes, as they may scratch or damage the finish.

Painted/Powder coated Finishes
Clean with a very soft, dry cloth then rub gently. Do not use abrasive cloths or cleaners as this may scratch or damage the finish.

Stone can be classified into two categories: siliceous stones such as granite and slate are more durable and relatively easy to clean, while calcareous stones, such as marble, limestone and onyx, are more porous and sensitive to acidic cleaning products. Clean stone surfaces with a soft cloth and a few drops of stone soap or a light detergent combined with warm water. Too much cleaner or soap may leave a film or cause streaks. Rinse the surface thoroughly after cleaning and dry with a soft cloth.

Glass and crystal can be cleaned by wiping with a soft damp cloth or glass cleaner with no additives. Apply glass cleaner to a soft cloth rather than directly onto the fixture to avoid overspray that may damage other finishes. We recommend a foam spray or cleaner like Clean and Bright by Derosa that drip dries to clean crystal and delicate components.

Care for the shade by dusting regularly with a soft cloth.

Clean small dirt marks on watercolor paper using a white art eraser with a gentle touch.

Heavy staining on our delicate silk and shade paper shades usually cannot be cleaned. Please contact LLH to purchase a replacement shade.

For fabric shades and acrylic shades ,care for the shades by dusting regularly with a soft cloth.

What is the lamping on your fixtures?

All fixtures are wired for standard USA nominal voltage. For voltages other than 110/120 or 277 volt, please contact LLH. Lamps are not included with orders except where noted. Maximum wattages and recommended lamp types have been provided.

How do I order bulbs?


Are your fixtures UL certified?

All Luxe Light and Home products have been tested and found in compliance by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) or an equivalent nationally recognized testing laboratory.

Are you fixtures ADA compliant?

Many of our wall sconces comply with the ADA requirements for public accessibility at any mounting height; other wall sconces must be mounted at minimum mounting heights to comply. For additional questions, please contact

What color finishes do you offer?

We offer XXX finishes and materials for each fixture. You may view a complete list of finishes here [link to Custom]. For more information or to start to designing your own custom fixture, please contact us at or call 323-227-9207.

Do you offer dimmable lights?

Many of our LED and fluorescent fixtures are available with a dimming option for an additional cost.

For pricing, please contact or call 323-227-9207 with the specification of the dimming control system being used and we’d be happy to help.

Where can I see your lights?


Terms & Conditions

Freight Receiving Rules

As a service to our customers, Luxe Light & Home will arrange the shipping of orders via one of our preferred carriers. All charges will be included on the final balance due notice.

If the customer chooses to manage their own freight and delivery, Luxe must be notified of the specific details of the movement. The fee to move the product from a manufacturer to a terminal for "customer's own pick-up” will be added to the balance due. All product is moved through a Bill of Lading (BOL). The location of the pick-up by the client or the client's agent may trigger sales tax responsibility at that location.

Ownership of the product transfers to the customer (owner) upon the freight carrier taking possession of the order for transport. Therefore, responsibility for damage occurring in-transit is the owner’s and all claims for freight damage must be made within 72 hours of receipt.

If customer selects their own freight carrier, freight claims must be filed directly with the selected carrier. LLH is not responsible for a customer’s own or third party freight damage and claim.

Freight claims are the responsibility of the purchaser, and when receiving goods, purchaser should follow the freight company’s policies regarding documenting and reporting any damaged freight including hidden damage claims.

Price List 2020 [LINK TO PDF]