Pirelli hand blown venetian glass opalino pendant chandelier light


When you’re walking the streets of Florence or Milan, it can be hard to reach your destination on time because every shop captivates in ways big and small. That’s because Italians have a way of making everything more beautiful. Their design may seem effortless, but of course like everything good, it’s the result of expert craftspeople who are passionate about making only the very best.

Our Pirelli lighting fixture is a primo example of just this type of artistry. Each curvaceous petal is hand-blown in Venezia and then thoughtfully assembled to create a modernist floral spectacle. Crafted in transcendent and understated Opalino White glass with two choices of tiered pendant chandelier sizes.

LUXE lighting collections are handcrafted from the finest materials, combining classic motifs with contemporary flair to create signature illuminated features that are equal part light and art. Balancing light and shadow, color and clarity, each LUXE lighting fixture is a one of a kind creation. Luxe home and lighting, your store website for luxury home lighting pendants, chandeliers, flush mounts and table lamps.