The New House of Dior in Seoul


The new Christian Dior’s Flagship store in Seoul, South Korea, is the work of French architect Christian de Portzamprac and Peter Marino who designed the interior. The boutique is spread inside a six storey building whose shape was inspired by Dior’s haute couture.


Christian de Portzamprac explains his vision: “I thought about the movement of the fabrics, the weaving effects, and I created a facade that would explore these elements. This white softness is like the couturier’s toile when he’s at work. It has a sense of movement that plays with light. This sculptural suppleness was my starting point.”


The interior decor made of wood, leathers, lacquers, sensual weaves and innovative melanges distinguishes the feminime character and House’s signature style. The highlight of the interior is the curving staircase envisioned as an unfurling ribbon that guides shoppers to the upper level to reveal the newest women’s and men’s departments.


Besides the fashion house, the House of Dior includes an exhibition place and a Dior Café  situated on the top floor. The Café is run by a famous pastry Chef Pierre Hermé  who has developed an exclusive menu for the House.