The Museum of Graffiti, Opening in Miami, Art Basel Week


The Museum of Graffiti is set to open to the public on December 5th in the heart of Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood and is the world’s first museum exclusively dedicated to the evolution of the graffiti art form.


Once ephemeral – painted on walls and subway trains, only to be dissolved away by the cleaning crews – graffiti has gone mainstream with a vengeance. To fully appreciate the current position of the movement, it is essential to know and understand the work of the original graffiti artists, who started tagging in the New York subways in the early 1970s and early ‘80s.  The museum’s permanent exhibition will feature paintings, mixed media sculptures, and interactive installations that will allow visitors to travel through time and learn about the evolution of the worldwide graffiti art movement.


The museum strives to preserve archives and artifacts of the graffiti art movement for the benefit of the public. Rotating exhibitions will educate our visitors on the evolution of the graffiti art movement. Owned and operated by graffiti artists, the institution is dedicated to celebrating previously marginalized artists from around the world who have shaped an entire genre of art with little to no recognition. The museum experience includes an exhibition space and a world-class gift shop stocked with limited edition merchandise and exclusive items from the world’s most talented graffiti artists, including limited-edition artist collaborations and a curated collection of toys, apparel, books, prints, accessories and specialty items developed exclusively for the museum.


The Museum of Graffiti’s special opening exhibition will feature works by Niels Meulman, a.k.a. Shoe, a graffiti pioneer from Amsterdam. The exhibition entitled, Negative Space, will feature exciting new works by the artist presented in an immersive environment created by Meulman for the museum.


Also involved with the opening, RISK, the American contemporary street artist, graphic designer, philanthropist, entrepreneur and the founder of the Third Rail art series, will be there to sign and embellish exclusive prints of his work.



source: museumofgraffiti