Sony’s Symphony Light

This lantern-style lamp won’t grant you any wishes, but Sony’s upcoming “Symphonic Light” combines light and sound in a ‘magical’ way. Designed as a table lamp or pendant, the fixture doesn’t include any parts that look like a traditional speaker — the integrated speakers fill a room with clear sound using the company’s “vertical drive system,” which pushes sound waves through the glass.

Sony's upcoming "Symphonic Light"

Sony’s upcoming “Symphonic Light”

Released at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai detailed the new tower-shaped gadget, part of the larger “Life Space UX” concept Sony is creating – a design philosophy meant to “make the most of living spaces” by integrating technology seamlessly into familiar items, starting with a 4K resolution projector released last September. Sony is intending to make products that “stimulate a deeper emotional response,” Hirai said.

Sony's Symphony Light

Sony’s Symphony Light