San Francisco’s Gregangelo Museum


The Gregangelo Museum is a work of installation art located in a Mediterranean-style house originally built in the early 1920s in the St. Francis Wood district of San Francisco. The house was converted into an art project during the 1980s. Though most of the twenty-seven rooms in the house have been significantly remodeled, the original 1920s architecture was intentionally salvaged. The founder, Gregangelo Herrera, owns a circus troupe and arts and entertainment company. The Gregangelo Museum was featured on HGTV in 2012, and has been cited in interior design books and television networks. Recent features of the house include Voltage TV’s World’s Weirdest Homes and Netflix’s Amazing Interiors.


Egyptian and Middle Eastern themed installations, mosaics, and paintings are some of the main features of the museum. The Gregangelo Museum generates its revenue by offering tours of the home to the general public. The tour starts outside of the house, and gradually makes its way up onto the second floor. On the second floor is a hidden second half of the museum called The Labyrinth, which is a series of maze-like crawl spaces. The philosophy of the house follows that each portal will bring visitors into a different existence, universe, and head-space.





source: wikipedia