Rotterdam introduces the Smog Free Tower by Daan Roosegaarde


An internationally known  Dutch designer and an innovator, Daan Rosegarden has brought to light his Smog Free Tower,  the largest air purifier in the world installed in Rotterdam, NL. The seven- meter- tall structure processes 30,000 cubic metres of air per hour- creating a pocket of clean air around it, making the fresh air available and free to the public. The smog is absorbed trough the top of the tower and the purified air is released trough the vents on the sides creating a zone of fresh air around it. Smog Free Tower runs on green energy and uses no more electricity than a water boiler. Furthermore, the pollutants extracted from the smog is compressed into tiny stones and turned into beautiful rings.  After its duty in Rotterdam, Tower ‘s next destinations will be Mumbai and Beijing.





sources: beforeitsnews, dezeen, techinsider, designboom