Moon Hoon continues to surprise with his work- Wind House on Jeju Island strikes with the weirdest shape


Moon Hoon’s  Wind House design on Jeju Island, South Korea, is comprised out of three concrete vacation homes dominated by a large golden structure  that stands out with its weird shape. The Wind house was ordered by an eccentric doctor who looked for an extraordinary architect to build “something strange”, and he certainly found the right person in Moon Hoon who is well known for his playful architecture. The base of the Wind House complex is made of volcanic rock – a material widely used on the island as a wind break. The abstract “head” whose shape is inspired by the wind blowing women’s hair rises 8.3 m (27 ft) high, and it’s reminiscent of several extraordinary things like; duck, hair dryer, alien, etc. The interior of the winding house follows the exterior ‘s outline and has the look of a 1970s disco lounge.


“Previously I had been commissioned for a wind museum, which turned out sour.  I had liked the idea and shape of it, many times I would make drawings inspired by the wind museum. I felt it was an opportune time to reincarnate and modify the initial idea. I proposed the whole thing to the client. It took some time to digest it, but in the end he was quite happy,”  says Moon Hoon.