LED Artist Bill FitzGibbons Illuminates Old Railroad


LED light sculpturist Bill FitzGibbons has turned Birmingham’s 18th Street railway underpass into LightRails, a dynamic interconnect between the revitalized south side, and city center to the north.


FitzGibbons programmed the light piece to play a 17-minute program that loops each night from dusk to dawn. The installation provides the requisite level of white light during the day, while by night the light becomes a colorful garden. Some of the effects used are colors with dazzling white sparkles, color as columns to explore the architectural space. In the smaller pedestrian tunnel, a single fixture can generate a reflection 360° around the tunnel using the beams and arches to provide additional opportunities to show the spectrum.


The installation also provides the opportunity for special shows. FitzGibbons already has the installation programmed to switch automatically to a holiday presentation in December with an emphasis on red and green colors. The controller can even store more programs that can be triggered by an astronomical clock. New programs can be downloaded via an SD card.