Bruce Munro’s Arrow Spring


Bruce Munro’s Arrow Spring is a 300-foot serpentine trail filled with sage that resembles a flowing watercourse by day and a meandering stream of light by night. Its luminescence is the result of the innovative pairing of ordinary LED flashlights and cutting-edge fiber optics concealed within sculptural spheres placed throughout the landscape, weaving 15,000 points of light into the swath of sage.


The idea for Arrow Spring came to him on a bike ride in 2009 when he was thinking about the meandering pathway that led through a work of his called CD Sea (in which 600,000 recycled CDs were laid out in a field in the British countryside) and realized there was a natural connection to the spiritual rivers described in two of his favorite books, Kim by Rudyard Kipling and Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse. His idea was to simply create a Serpentine River of light. The title of the installation is taken from the River Arrow in Kim.